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Express Oil Change and Tire Engineers

At Express Oil and Tire Engineers you receive a truly one-stop auto repair service and maintenance center. Total finished area of a ready to operate Express Oil is approx. 5700 sq ft. The pit alone is 1218sq ft. and this is where most of the magic happens.

The pit is 8’2” below the main floor level and sits on a 12” mud slab. The pit is wrapped in MiraClay waterproofing along with a French drain wrapping around the outside base of the pit wall. The French drain empties into a pit with a sump pump that helps control ground water. The pit floor is sealed concrete and contains 3 chambered tanks for used oil and 3 tanks for new oil. Express Oil is very environmentally friendly and recycles 100% of the uses oil drained from all vehicles.
The pit is also where the tire storage racks are located. Once everything is in place the pit, the area becomes a very tight area to work in. In order to maintain and safe work space for customers and employees, the HVAC system supplying the pit area circulates the air once every hour in order to keep down the risk of explosion.
The service floor area totals 2379sq ft. The service area is where your tires, engine, alignment, and other repairs take place. The service floor houses five or more automotive lifts and a 12” recessed alignment pit for repairing that annoying issue when your car pulls to the left or right.
The oil change floor area totals 1270sq ft and is covered in automotive rubber supplied by the owner. The automatic rubber helps protect the area from the constant flow of traffic over the oil change bays and prevents the floor from becoming slick.
Hampton Cove, AL
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